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Siemens Gamesa uses the ABB Converter in several types of wind turbines. The ABB Converter is a back to back converter integrated into one large consolidated frame.
In this e-learning, you will learn about the ABB Converter's components, functions and how to shut down the system in order to perform maintance on the turbine in a safe way.
The ABB Converter described in this course is a liquid-cooled converter for wind turbines. This type is used in some geared Siemens Gamesa turbines and similar will be installed in other types of turbines in the future.
This course consists of four modules:
  • - Module 1: Introduction to the ABB Converter
  • - Module 2: The Components of the ABB Converter
  • - Module 3: Isolating the ABB Converter Safely for Maintenance
  • - Module 4: Basics of Communication and Control


Since the number of the ABB Converters that will be installed in Siemens Gamesa Turbines will rapidly increase in the future, it is essential to have basic knowledge about the ABB Converter.
SGRE introduces this e-learning in an effort to promote safe operation, avoid incidents, and accomplish "zero harm" in wind turbine construction.
The aim is to produce well-trained personnel for SGRE, who will efficiently meet the high demands of this job and eventually become the best in the industry.

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Who should attend?

This e-learning Course is specifically designed for Turbine technicians with prior knowledge of converters.


When the training is completed the participants will have gained the following:
  • - Knowledge of the ABB Converter's function and components
  • - How to shut down the system in order to perform maintance on the turbine in a safe way.
  • - How to shut down the system in order to perform maintance on the turbine in a safe way.

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