SGTT - (DK) General Electrical Awareness eLearning (SE-P-85400)



To introduce Siemens Gamesa rules, derived from the EN 50110-1 standard and CENELEC regulations, regarding behaviour around electrical installations and give the participants basic knowledge about electricity and how to act in a safe manner near both Low and High Voltage systems.


This course will only provide knowledge and does not allow you to perform any electrical work unless you are duly trained and appointed to do so. Upon successful completion of this course, participants are expected to have the below mentioned knowledge:
  • - Electrical awareness in general
  • - The ability to describe the roles and responsibilities related to electrical installations
  • - The ability to explain the basics of electricity
  • - The ability to explain the dangers of electricity and related first aid
  • - The ability to identify required PPE & tools
  • - The ability to explain the regulations for performing dead, live work exemptions and vicinity zone work in general
The General Electrical Awareness (GEA) e-learning course describes the regulations regarding electricity which are derived from the EN 50110-1 standard. Additionally, this e-learning describes the specific SGRE regulations for working on electrical systems.
The course content consists of:
  • - Module 1: Introduction to General Electrical Awareness
  • - Module 2: Basic of electricity
  • - Module 3: Preparation before working on electrical systems
  • - Module 4: Workflow for Low and High Voltage systems
  • - Module 5: SGRE rules and regulations

Theory / Practice
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Who should attend?

This course is for employees in Europe who will enter wind turbines or production facilities with electrical installations. The coverage includes all CENELEC countries as well as other countries that require compliance with European standards.




Be aware that this course only provides knowledge and does not allow you to perform any electrical work unless you are duly trained and appointed to do so.

12 months

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