QSYS NC Action manager WBT (QM-7110)



Please be aware that starting from 8th August 2022 QSYS application will be renamed to OpQ (Opcenter Quality) after upgrading to new version. The process of creating and managing Non-conformance reports (NCRs) has not changed therefore the content of this training is still relevant. The new application has slight changes in the design and layout of icons.

Ensuring that QSYS NC Action managers are trained and have ability to perform their role in the QSYS NC system.


Upon completion, participants will have the ability to act as a QSYS NC Action manager.
This course will ensure Action managers are trained in QSYS and have ability and understanding in the following tasks:
  • - Handling and closing of assigned actions.
  • - Delegation and re-assignment of tasks to the best qualified person(s).
  • - Defiining realistic deadlines within an agreed completion task date.
  • - Providing the workflow manager with the necessary support and competences for containment, correction and RCA.


How to work in the NC QSYS system as an Action mananger:
  • - add, assign and forward actions.
  • - close actions.
  • - attachments.
  • - edit actions.

Who should attend?

Employees in the QSYS NC Action manager role.


QSYS NC Challenge (NC Process- QM-7109).

Course duration

15  minutes



Cancellation fee

0 percent of course fee after 0 days before the start of course.

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