SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN,AR) General Technical Safety Awareness eLearning (SE-P-50510)



The purpose of this eLearning is to provide the participant with knowledge of the main components of the current wind turbine platforms.
Siemens Gamesa's basic Health and Safety rules will be introduced in order to explain the participant the risks and dangers a person who works in or near by a wind turbine is exposed to. This is to ensure that employees work as safely as possible and can contribute to Siemens Gamesa's Zero Harm Culture. This also includes a walkthrough of hazardous materials, relevant PPE and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
Additionally, the course will also introduce the participant to the Wind Technician Competence Frameworks for Project and Service. Finally Risk Assessments are explained as well of the purpose of the KRIsen MAnagement (KRIMA) system.


Name the main components in the wind turbine.
List Siemens Gamesa's basic health and safety rules for technicians.
Identify where to find the Siemens Gamesa's basic health and safety rules for technicians if safety issues arise.
Recall the policy on Siemens Gamesa Zero Harm Culture.
Recall which competencies are needed to perform your job function safely to minimize the potential risks to you and your co-workers.
Identify technician profiles, within the Wind Technicians Competence Frameworks.
List the actions of a Competent Person.
Identify the differences between the competence framework for Project and Service technicians.
Identify the purpose of a risk assessment.
List the differences between "planned work" and "non-routine work" risk assessments.
Recall how an incident or near miss can be reported using the KRIsen Management (KRIMA) System.
Identify what hazardous material is.
Recall how to find a Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
Identify the parts of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
Upon completion of the course the participant have obtained the following competencies:
Basic knowledge of current wind turbines, safety in general and technician profiles serving as foundation for further training and skill progression.


The following topics are covered:
  • - Introduction
  • - Main components of wind turbines
  • - Siemens Gamesa's basic health and safety rules
  • - Zero Harm Culture
  • - Wind Technician Competency Frameworks for Project and Service
  • - Service Test Runs
  • - Risk assessments' for planned and non-routine work
  • - KRIsen MAnagement (KRIMA) System
  • - Hazardous materials and PPE
  • - Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Who should attend?

The course is intended for Siemens Gamesa employees, customers and 3rd parties who perform tasks in Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbines.


Due to the nature of the content and the learning purpose it is recommended that the participant has the competence acquired on the following training modules, prior to course commencement.
SE-P-50410 GWO Basic Mechanical
SE-P-50430 GWO BTT Hydraulic AND SE-P-50420 GWO BTT Electrical OR SE-P-06000 SWP Basic Turbine Electricity And Hydraulics


Course is available in English, Spanish, Chinese & Portuguese - choice of language is inside the eLearning


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Course duration

95  minutes



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