D3, Service Valve 252; consequences of removal, eLearning (SE-P-86530)



The overall purpose of the course is to secure sufficient knowledge for technicians working on D3 turbines without Safety Valve 252 (Blue Handle) and to work safely in these turbines.


Upon completion of the eLearning the participants are able to:
  • - Explain the changes in the turbine design associated with the removal of Service Valve 252
  • - Describe how to use the hand pump to build up pressure in the brake system
  • - Explain how to rotate the rotor with and without power on the nacelle in the specific D3 urbine without Service Valve 252
  • - Describe how to lock the rotor in the specific D3 turbine without Service Valve 252


Theory / Practice
100% / 0%

Who should attend?

The course is intended for Maintenance and Troubleshooting technicians working in this specific turbine type, (characterized by the absence of the Service Valve 252) where the TPT training they completed did not include this feature.




No Expiry

System requirements needed to run this e-learning:
  • - Operating system (Windows, iOS, etc.): Windows 7 and above, iOS, Android
  • - Internet Connection (state minimum requirement): 2Mbps Broadcast connection or equivalent
  • - Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or above, Firefox (lastest version), Google Chrome (lastest version), Edge ,Apple Safari (lastest version),.
  • - Internet Browser Requirements (Adobe Flash Player, Java Script enabled, Pop-ups enabled, Cookies enabled etc.): Pop-ups enabled (pop-up blocked disabled), Cookies enabled.
  • - Processor (state minimum requirement): i3 (or above) or equivalent
  • - Ram (state minimum requirement): 2 GB
  • - Hard Disk size (state minimum requirement): 1 Gb of free disk space
  • - Sound Card and Speakers (state minimum requirement): headphones recommended
  • - Graphics processor (state minimum requirement): 1GB
  • - Screen Resolution (recommended resolution) : 1680 X 1050 (desktop computer); 1366 x 768 (laptop)

Only DK ICB Material No.

Course duration

30  minutes



Cancellation fee

0 percent of course fee after 0 days before the start of course.

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