SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN,AR) Safe Access G4X, G5X, G8/9X, G114 and G10X (SE-P-50512)



The purpose of this eLearning is to provide an introduction to the general safety conditions for accessing and staying in Gamesa technology turbines, including G4X, G5X, G8/9X, G114 and G10X. Completion of the eLearning must be complemented by studying the applicable documentation for the platform. Assessment: Multiple choice quiz, 80% correct answers required to pass.


Understand the general safety conditions for accessing and working in Gamesa turbines,
Understand the overall conditions that affect the work and how they can be mitigated through different means including LOTO
Understand the use of anchor points as well as points for installing anchor devices
Introduced to de-pressurization of the hydraulic unit
Introduced to Eliminating accumulated torque in the yaw gears
Introduced to locking the rotor, pitch control system and mechanical blade lock
Basic knowledge of Gamesa wind turbines and safety conditions in general serving as foundation for further training and skill progression.


General Safety Conditions
Weather Conditions
Accessing and remaining in the wind turbine
Anchor points and/or points for installing anchor devices
Wind Turbine Operation
Load Hoist System
De-pressuring the Hydraulic Unit
Eliminating Accumulated Torque in the yaw gears
Locking the rotor
Locking the pitch control system
Mechanical blade lock

Who should attend?

The course is intended for Siemens Gamesa employees, customers and 3rd parties who perform tasks on Gamesa technology turbines, including the G4X, G5X, G8/9X, G114 and G10X


SE-P-50510 SGTT - General Technical Safety Awareness eLearning OR SE-P 07900 Technical Safety Training


Course is available in English, Spanish, Chinese & Portuguese languages - choice of language is inside the course

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42  minutes



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