D8 Fire Safety Case Offshore - Add on Training (HSE-0019)



Due to revised evacuation and escape strategy as stated in Safety Alert SA-100-2018-R1, this training session serves the purpose enabling personnel to respond appropriately, act safely and evacuate/escape in the event of fire in an offshore D8 platform WTGs


Upon completion of this training, personnel must be able to:
  • - Explain the risks and hazards of fire and measures to prevent fire
  • - Recognize the fire detection system
  • - Explain the expected response time in the event of fire
  • - Explain what information is available in the WTG Safety card booklet Contingency floor plan
  • - Explain how to respond adequately to a fire alarm


Clarification of concepts
Risks and hazards concerning fire
Fire detection system
Expected response time in the event of fire
Contingency plan
Fire action card, incl.:
  • - Step by step overview of how to respond appropriately when fire is detected or observed
  • - Primary and secondary evacuation/escape route
  • - Primary and secondary assembly point
Evacuate internally down the tower
External escape, incl.
  • - Utilization of emergency equipment
  • - Preparation, equipment setup and emergency descent - step by step

Who should attend?

Personnel executing turbine related work in an offshore D8 platform turbines (retrofitted or R17 and forward releases)

Course duration

1  hour



Cancellation fee

0 percent of course fee after 0 days before the start of course.

Export control

AL-Number: N

Contact person:

Wind University
Phone:  +45  8874-2828
E-Mail:  wind.university@siemensgamesa.com


Wind University
Borupvej 16
Phone:  +45  8874-2828