G4 (MK2/MK3) Fire Safety Case Offshore - Add on Training (HSE-0022)



Due to revised evacuation and escape strategy as stated in Safety Alert SA-100-2018-R1, this training session serves the purpose enabling personnel to respond appropriately, act safely and evacuate/escape in the event of fire in an offshore 3,6 MkII and 4,0 MkIII WTGs.


Upon completion of this training, personnel must be able to:
  • - Explain the risks and hazards of fire and measures to prevent fire
  • - Recognize the fire detection system
  • - Explain the expected response time in the event of fire
  • - Explain what information is available in the WTG Safety card booklet Contingency floor plan
  • - Explain how to respond adequately to a fire alarm
  • - Technology not specified in the CCL or AL and no US-Technology commingled! Technical Classification: ECCN: N AL: EAR99 This document is not subject to German / European and / or U.S. Export Regulations.


Clarification of concepts
Risks and hazards concerning fire
Fire detection system
Expected response time in the event of fire
Contingency plan
Fire action card, incl.
  • - Step by step overview of how to respond appropriately when fire is detected or observed
  • - Primary and secondary evacuation/escape route
  • - Primary and secondary assembly point
Evacuate internally down the tower
External escape, incl.
  • - Utilization of emergency equipment
  • - Preparation, equipment setup and emergency descent - step by step

Who should attend?

Personnel executing turbine related work in an offshore 3,6 MkII and 4,0 MkIII turbines (retrofitted or R17 and forward releases).

Course duration

30  minutes



Cancellation fee

0 percent of course fee after 0 days before the start of course.

Export control

AL-Number: EAR99

Contact person:

Wind University
Phone:  +45  8874-2828
E-Mail:  wind.university@siemensgamesa.com


Wind University
Borupvej 16
Phone:  +45  8874-2828