Global Health, Safety and Environment Awareness E-learning (EN, ZH, DA, DE, ES, FR, PT) (HSE-1000)


You will centrally be booked on this e-leaning within the first month from your start date.
Sustainability is a driving philosophy of our company.

When you signed your Siemens Gamesa employee contract, you committed yourself to acting responsibly which is a key value here and part of our wider sustainability efforts.

We divide acting responsibly into 3 categories:

1) Health - ensuring the wellbeing of all employees, physically as well as mentally
2) Safety - securing that everybody arrive home from work unharmed
3) Environment - considering our natural environment in all we do and preserving our climate.

These three categories are interlinked and our work within these areas are described in our HSE strategy.

With YOUR commitment in these three areas, we can maintain our leading position in the many environmental, social and governance rankings we subscribe to like the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. And with YOUR leadership we can still be a driving member in global industry associations such as G+ for offshore safety or GWO for safety training.

Keeping high standards in Health, Safety and the Environment is an integrated part of our company's value proposition and we need to constantly elevate these standards to be successful as individuals, teams and as a company.

That's why we have developed this interactive e-learning. To give you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge within HSE and understand YOUR responsibilities as a Siemens Gamesa employee.

Because YOU have an important responsibility. Your contributions to Health, Safety and the Environment have an impact, regardless of their scope and size. Your HSE related ideas and actions matter!


After taking this e-learning, employees will:
  • - gain a basic awareness of what Health, Safety and Environment means in Siemens Gamesa.
  • - better understand their responsibilities related to Health, Safety and Environment and how it is connected to their daily work.


In this interactive e-learning employees will learn about:
  • - Health topics
  • - Safety topics
  • - Environment topics
  • - How HSE relates to their daily work
  • - Where to find HSE relevant material and contacts

Who should attend?

All employees in SGRE

Course duration

25  minutes



Cancellation fee

0 percent of course fee after 0 days before the start of course.

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Contact person:

Wind University
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Wind University
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Phone:  +45  8874-2828