GWO BST Working at Heights & Manual Handling Combined (SE-P-50045)


The aim is to qualify the participant to use basic personal protective equipment and perform safe work at heights and safe and comprehensive basic rescue from heights in the wind turbine industry/environment. Furthermore, to encourage positive manual handling and ergonomic behavior, encourage participants to consider alternatives to Manual Handling through planning and to train participant's ability to perform Manual Handling tasks in a safe manner in the wind turbine industry/environment


Upon completion of the course each participant must be able to:
  • - Explain hazards and risks associated with working at height specific to a wind turbine generator (WTG)
  • - Describe current national and regional legislation regarding Working at Heights
  • - Identify PPE, including identify European/Global standard markings e.g. harness, hard hat, lanyards, etc.
  • - Perform pre-use inspection, service, store and correctly fit relevant PPE, e.g. harness, fall arrest lanyards, guided type fall arrest devices and work positioning lanyards
  • - Apply relevant PPE, e.g. harnesses fall arrest lanyards, guided type fall arresters and work positioning lanyards. This includes correct identification of anchor points and correct conduct on ladder
  • - Apply evacuation devices
  • - Perform rescue in WTGs and use rescue equipment efficiently
  • - Apply a problem-solving approach to Manual Handling in a wind turbine environment
  • - Apply Manual Handling risk reduction techniques
  • - Identify aspects of their job tasks that could increase their risk of developing muscular/ skeletal injuries
  • - Explain the importance of carrying out work duties in a safe and sound manner in accordance with the legislative requirements of their geographic work location
  • - Apply safe practices of Manual Handling, including the correct handling of equipment
  • - Identify signs and symptoms of injuries related to poor Manual Handling techniques
  • - Describe injury reporting methods

Theory / Practice
30% / 70%

Who should attend?

Mandatory for anyone working in Rescue Zone 1 in WTG.


All personnel participating in this training shall be medically fit and capable of fully participating.
Participants shall sign a statement that they are medically fit to participate, and they do not suffer from any medical illness or are under influence of any narcotic substance or alcohol.
Personal weight limit fully equipped max. 136 kg /299,8 lbs. (incl. all PPE, equipment, clothing, etc.).


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Upon successful completion of this course the participant is qualified and competent to work at heights and perform basic rescue from Rescue Zone 1 (in accordance with SGRE PRO-15833).

24 months
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    Only DK ICB Material No.
  • - A9B000S10173

Course duration

2  days



Export control

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Course dates

The following dates are available
Location Date Free Seats Lang.    
Service Buildings
Fabriksvej 4
+45 3274-6003
7330 Brande, Denmark
06.Aug 2024 - 07.Aug 2024


Brande 28.Aug 2024 - 29.Aug 2024


Brande 09.Sep 2024 - 10.Sep 2024


Brande 16.Sep 2024 - 17.Sep 2024


Brande 30.Sep 2024 - 01.Oct 2024


Brande 07.Oct 2024 - 08.Oct 2024


Brande 21.Oct 2024 - 22.Oct 2024


Brande 04.Nov 2024 - 05.Nov 2024


Brande 18.Nov 2024 - 19.Nov 2024


Brande 02.Dec 2024 - 03.Dec 2024


Brande 14.Jan 2025 - 15.Jan 2025



Contact person:

Global Training Customer Engagement
Phone:  0045 3274 6003


Global Training Customer Engagement
Fabriksvej 4
7330 Brande
Phone:  0045 3274 6003