TMSE Seal packed safety equipment - Inspection (SE-P-86130)



The aim is to qualify the participant as a Competent Person for formal periodic inspection of Seal packed safety equipment as part of Turbine Mounted Safety Equipment (TMSE) in SGRE according to internal documentation, supplier documentation, national legal requirements, and international standards.


Explain when to perform inspection of a Seal Pac kit for evacuation/rescue and a seal packed Immersion suit for evacuation
Apply the generic principals on how to inspect a Seal Pac kit for evacuation/rescue and a seal packed Immersion suit for evacuation
Explain the risks and hazards of dropping objects related to inspection of TMSE, and how to mitigate this
Explain proper actions after any component fails inspection
Explain how to record and keep maintenance data on a product or kit including the outcome of an inspection
Perform a periodic inspection of a random Seal Pac kit for evacuation/rescue and a seal packed Immersion suit for evacuation using relevant documentation
Perform service life extension on a Seal Pac kit for evacuation/rescue according to regional requirements, if this is permitted by the supplier/manufacturer

Theory / Practice
100% / 0%


Welcome and introduction
When to perform formal inspection
Inspection procedure and principles
Acceptance criteria
Preparing the inspection
Inspection sequence
Seal Pac kits
Immersionsuits for evacuation
Documenting the formal inspecton

Who should attend?

The course is intended for personnel who will be performing formal periodic inspection of TMSE Seal packed safety equipment within Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE), e.g. Seal Pac kits for evacuation/rescue or Immersion suits for evacuation. This includes assembly areas and wind turbine generators across the entire SGRE fleet, storage and training facilities, and other OEM under SGRE service.


TMSE international safety standards (SE-P-86010)


Course is available in English, Spanish, Chinese & Portuguese languages - choice of language is inside a course

24 months

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