Demag DS10 / Vicinay GSS D7-45 User eLearning (SE-P-85692)



Training provides the skills to perform visual verification that equipment is ready for use and lift the items with the crane from ground and up to the nacelle This e-learning on DS 10 wind hoist shall give knowledge about performing a pre-use inspection of the DS 10 wind hoist and qualifications to handle the DS 10 wind hoist in a Wind Turbine Environment.


After completing this e-learning the Delegate will be able to:
Perform a pre use check before using the DS 10 wind hoist.
  • - Understand the importance of safe parking of the DS 10 wind hoist.
  • - Unlock and lock the DS 10-wind hoist from its parking position.
  • - Handle and manoeuvre the DS 10 wind hoist when performing lifting operations.
  • - This training will enable the operator to use the DS 10 wind hoist in a safe way according to the risk assessment for the hoist.


This training will cover the following topics:
  • - Pre-use visual check before use of electric winch (DS 10 wind hoist).
  • - Pre-use visual check of lifting bags.
  • - Unlocking from and locking at the parking position.
  • - Safe operation and manoeuvring of hoist in Wind Turbine Environment.

Theory / Practice
100% / 0%

Who should attend?

Personnel who have to work with the Demag DS 10 wind hoist in Wind Turbine Environment.


Due to the nature of the content and the learning purpose it is recommended that the participant has the competence acquired on the following training modules, prior to course commencement.
SE-P-04200 Basic Lifting and Slinging Training (Slinger Banksman) OR SE-P-21300 Slinger banks man rigging OR SE-P-21350 Slinger Banksman OR SE-P-42600 OPITO Banksman Slinger OR similar.
SE-P-85695 Introduction to Lifting Bags


Course is available in English, Spanish, Chinese & Portuguese languages - choice of language is inside a course

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Course duration

100  minutes



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