Lean Awareness Training (PT, CN, EN, ES, DK, FR, DE) (QM-7060)



Fundamentally we constantly need to highlight the customer value then attempt to improve productivity and efficiency of our operations in SGRE - and the Lean methodology supports this journey.

Training in Lean principles are crucial for this approach to be implemented across plants and construction sites.? Lean Training provides awareness for participants to act accordingly within lean principles, along with hands on experience, providing knowledge and understanding in using PDCA methology, eventually leading to less miss operation, transportation, those waste items to acquire a shorter lead time.?

As part of both future alignment of Lean principles across SGRE and optimizing the current training set-up, this digital training will create the foundation for further learning traning. ?


This training are intention to introducing:

1.Why Lean is important?
  • - Importance of lean value in SGRE
  • - Recognizing customer value

2. Understanding of lean principals and their part as operational mindset:
  • - 5 Principals

3.How to apply the observation skill to identify the wastes then attempt to reduce them
  • - How to classify the type of wastes.


Why is Lean important?
The 5 principles of Lean
What is Value Add and Waste?
The 8 types of waste
How to reduce waste

Who should attend?

Installation leads
Site managers
Construction Project Managers
Group/Team leads
Specialists at plants

Course duration

30  minutes



Cancellation fee

0 percent of course fee after 0 days before the start of course.

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Contact person:

Wind University
Phone:  +45  8874-2828
E-Mail:  wind.university@siemensgamesa.com


Wind University
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Phone:  +45  8874-2828