Training Center Tianjin

  No. Type Title   Price  
SE-P-02502 TMSE Competent Person – installation and inspection    
SE-P-50410 GWO BTT Mechanical    
SE-P-50420 GWO BTT Electrical    
SE-P-50430 GWO BTT Hydraulic    
SE-P-50525 SGTT - Documentation Training    
SE-P-50526 SGTT - SEFE and GOT training    
SE-P-50535 SGTT - Bolt Tightening Training    
SE-P-50545 SGTT - Gearbox Inspection and Oil Sampling    
SE-P-50555 SGTT - Hand Tool Training    
SE-P-50566 SGTT - LOTO Awareness Training (Gamesa Technology)    
SE-P-50575 SGTT - Cable Training    
SE-P-70200 MySite360 End User