Competent Person Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) - Generic (SE-P-02555)


The aim of this course is to qualify the participant as a Competent Person for periodical inspection of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) in SGRE according to recognized standards, national legal requirements and supplier documentation. This includes PFPE used under SGRE responsibility which must undergo statutory inspection. Rope access PFPE and equipment is not included.


Upon completion of the course the participant must be able to:
  • - Explain the generic approach and principles applied to PFPE inspection work in SGRE and the potential task placed upon the participant on course completion, requiring him to familiarize himself with other PEPE products and study their documentation
  • - Recognize regional PFPE requirements in accordance with regulatory agencies mandating PFPE
  • - Explain various types of SGRE PFPE and their main components
  • - Explain when to perform inspection of PFPE
  • - Explain proper actions after any product fails inspection
  • - Explain how to record and keep maintenance data on a product including the outcome of an inspection
  • - Explain that PFPE products undergoing inspection shall be based on and conducted by the use of supplier documentation
  • - Explain common contents of PFPE supplier documentation for periodic inspection
  • - Explain that part of a product passing inspection, it shall be taken into consideration whether the product is expected to be able to operate in a safe manner including the expected future wear and tear until next periodic inspection
  • - Explain and acknowledge the role and responsibility of a Competent Person from a legal perspective
  • - Explain that defective equipment, i.e. equipment failing inspection, shall be removed from service and shall be cut into unusable pieces and disposed
  • - Perform a periodic inspection of a random piece of PFPE within SGRE fleet using and following supplier documentation
  • - Replace items in accordance with supplier documentation
  • - In case of insufficient detailed supplier documentation; periodically inspect the PFPE for damage, defect, and wear and tear
  • - Apply general acceptance criteria and generic principles on how to perform periodic inspections of PFPE
  • - Identify PFPE that must be removed from service by sensible and reasonable arguments
  • - Demonstrate the principle of "when you are in doubt you should not be in doubt - the product shall fail inspection"
  • - Correctly fill out a random PFPE periodic inspection record including the outcome of the inspection

Theory / Practice
25% / 75%


Theory / Practice
75% / 25%

Who should attend?

The course is intended for personnel who will be performing periodic inspection of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) within Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) area of responsibility. This includes SGRE Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which must undergo statutory inspection, regardless of the specific product or brand.


Valid GWO Working at Heights qualification.
Bringing a computer (not tablet) with internet connection capability.
Read PRO-13838 including Appendix 1, section 11 governing PFPE purchase and inspection policies in SGRE (available on SGRE Document House).

Highly recommended prerequisites
To pass the course, participants will need to be able to read, understand and speak English and technically English. If this is not the case, please contact your local Training Center.


24 months

Only DK ICB Material No.

Requirements for remote virtual delivery
Physical location:
  • - Excellent lighting conditions at the virtual media location
  • - A sun glare free environment (free from sun reflection on screen)
  • - A calm and noise free environment
Hardware, software and system requirements:
  • - Valid device: Computer with internet and audio/video connection capability including web camera, e.g. laptop with built-in or external camera
  • - Invalid devices: Mobil devices and tablets
  • - Headset i.e. headphone with external microphone, preferably wired
  • - MS Teams or other online meeting software as per Training Center joining instructions
  • - Screen Resolution: 1024:768 pixel or more
  • - Internet connection: 4Mbps broadband connection (or equivalent)
  • - Internet Browser Requirements:
  • - JavaScript enabled
  • - Pop-ups enabled
  • - Cookies enabled
  • - WebGL enabled
  • - Online meeting requirements:
  • - Camera on at all times
  • - Headset audio and microphone
  • - Background setting: No background filters applied

Course duration

2  days



Cancellation fee

100 percent of course fee after 30 days before the start of course.

Export control

AL-Number: N

Course dates

The following dates are available
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Service Buildings
Fabriksvej 4
+45 3274-6003
7330 Brande, Denmark
06.Aug 2024 - 07.Aug 2024


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Global Training Customer Engagement
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Global Training Customer Engagement
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Phone:  0045 3274 6003