No. Type Title   Price  
  HSE-0001 Basic HSE Risk Assessment (E-learning package) --
  HSE-0002 Basic HSE Risk Assessment - Adverse Weather --
  HSE-0003 Basic HSE Risk Assessment - Crane and Lifting --
  HSE-0004 Basic HSE Risk Assessment - Ergonomics --
  HSE-0005 Basic HSE Risk Assessment - Hot Work --
  HSE-0006 Basic HSE Risk Assessment - Use of chemicals --
  HSE-0007 Basic HSE Risk Assessment - Use of tools --
  HSE-0008 Basic HSE Risk Assessment - Working at heights --
  HSE-0009 Basic HSE Risk Assessment - Working with electricity --
  HSE-0017 Basic HSE Risk Assessment - Dropped Objects --
  HSE-0019 D8 Fire Safety Case Offshore - Add on Training --
  HSE-0022 G4 (MK2/MK3) Fire Safety Case Offshore - Add on Training --
  HSE-0024 SG11-14 Fire Safety Case Offshore - Add on Training --
  HSE-0030 SGRE Global Site Induction (E-learning package) --
  HSE-0040 Zero Harm Induction --
  HSE-0050 Site Induction Albatros/Hohe See (EN+DE) --
  HSE-0086 Site Induction for Kriegers Flak --
  HSE-0088 Kaskasi Site Induction --
  HSE-0089 Vesterhav Site Induction --
  HSE-0090 SGRE Saint-Brieuc Site Induction --
  HSE-0091 SGRE Saint-Brieuc Project - Visitor Induction (EN, FR, ES, DK, DE) --
  HSE-0092 Vesterhav Site - Visitor Induction --
  HSE-0093 Site Induction for OWF Yunlin --
  HSE-0094 Moray West Site Induction --
  HSE-0095 GPW Site Induction --
  HSE-0097 Jeonnam Site Induction --
  HSE-0140 Service GPW/TNN induction (EN, DE) --
  HSE-0142 Risks and preventive measures of Teleworking (EN,ES) --
  HSE-1000 Global Health, Safety and Environment Awareness E-learning (EN, ZH, DA, DE, ES, FR, PT) --
  HSE-2600 PRO 18669 Risk Assessment (BR, CH, DA, DE, EN, ES, FR; HI, TA) --
  HSE-4113 Service Operations NE&ME E-Induction --
  HSE-4151 Site Induction for HKZ --
  HSE-4152 Visitor Site Induction for HKZ --
  HSE-4160 Setting to Work (ENG, DK, CN, FR, DE, PT, ES) --
  HSE-4171 Introduction to Events in Enablon (EN+DE+PT+CN+SP+FR) --
  HSE-4172 Introduction to Inspections in Enablon (EN+DE+PT+CN+SP+FR) --
  HSE-4173 Introduction to Metrics in Enablon (EN+DE+PT+CN+SP+FR) --
  HSE-4174 Introduction to working with Actions in Enablon (EN+DE+PT+CN+SP+FR) --
  HSE-4175 Introduction to Lessons Learned in Enablon (EN+DE+PT+CN+SP+FR) --
  HSE-4176 Gangway Trolley Safety Awareness (EN+DE) --
  OF-4011 Training in use of Personal LOTO --
  OF-4025 French Lifting Requirements --
  OF-4225 Electrical Horizontal Single Blade Mounting (eHSBM) --
  QM-7040 Quality Management Introduction --
  QM-7060 Lean Awareness Training (PT, CN, EN, ES, DK, FR, DE) --
  QM-7109 QSYS NC Challenge (NC process) --
  QM-7110 QSYS NC Action manager WBT --
  QM-7114 QSYS NC Awareness Video --
  SE-B-7000 Trainer Web (e-learning) --
  SE-P-05015 Region AM General Electrical Awareness Refresher (GEAR) eLearning  
  SE-P-09915 Getting Started in Virtual Reality  
  SE-P-50500 SGTT - eLearning Bundle  
  SE-P-50505 SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN) Program Introduction eLearning  
  SE-P-50510 SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN,AR) General Technical Safety Awareness eLearning  
  SE-P-50512 SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN,AR) Safe Access G4X, G5X, G8/9X, G114 and G10X  
  SE-P-50530 SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN,AR) Bolt Tightening Training eLearning  
  SE-P-50540 SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN) Gearbox Inspection and Oil Sampling eLearning  
  SE-P-50550 SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN,AR) Hand Tool Training eLearning  
  SE-P-50560 SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN,AR) LOTO Awareness eLearning  
  SE-P-50570 SGTT - (EN,ES,PT,CN,AR) Cable Training eLearning  
  SE-P-85100 Blade Clamper  
  SE-P-85300 ABB Converter eLearning  
  SE-P-85400 SGTT - (ES) General Electrical Awareness eLearning  
  SE-P-85400 SGTT - (PT) General Electrical Awareness eLearning  
  SE-P-85400 SGTT - (DE) General Electrical Awareness eLearning  
  SE-P-85400 SGTT - (EN) General Electrical Awareness eLearning  
  SE-P-85400 SGTT - (DK) General Electrical Awareness eLearning  
  SE-P-85605 Goracon GWB-250/450-SWP - User eLearning  
  SE-P-85620 Avanti Lift L/XL - User eLearning  
  SE-P-85623 Operation of Avanti Shark L02  
  SE-P-85650 Sky Man TH250 - User eLearning  
  SE-P-85692 Demag DS10 / Vicinay GSS D7-45 User eLearning  
  SE-P-85694 Vicinay GSSD7-45 Installation and Maintenance e-learning (Add On)  
  SE-P-85695 Introduction to Lifting Bags (EN,ES,PT,CN,AR)  
  SE-P-85800 Power Climber Sherpa RD Advance - User eLearning  
  SE-P-86000 TMSE - eLearning Bundle  
  SE-P-86010 TMSE International Safety Standards (E-learning)  
  SE-P-86110 TMSE Ladder systems and Vertical fall arrest systems - Inspection  
  SE-P-86120 TMSE Rescue stretcher kits - Inspection  
  SE-P-86130 TMSE Seal packed safety equipment - Inspection  
  SE-P-86140 TMSE Self-Retracting Lifelines - Inspection  
  SE-P-86270 Wind Turbine Safety Rules E learning  
  SE-P-86275 Introduction to Energy Isolation Procedures (EIP’s)  
  SE-P-86350 WTC-3 Controller Hand Terminal user eLearning  
  SE-P-86400 SCADA Introduction - eLearning  
  SE-P-86420 GWO Sea Survival eLearning - Supplement  
  SE-P-86450 Check & Refill Nitrogen Bladder Accumulator (eLearning)  
  SE-P-86472 SICS 1 & 2 Hand Terminal User eLearning  
  SE-P-86480 Touchscreen Controller Hand Terminal user eLearning (EN,ES,PT)  
  SE-P-86490 TMSE Anchor points - Inspection  
  SE-P-86500 Piston Accumulator Refill Kit eLearning  
  SE-P-86530 D3, Service Valve 252; consequences of removal, eLearning  
  SE-P-86545 DAC Converter Overview. Componets and Operation eLearning  
  SE-P-86740 PLATFORM SG 4.X: Description, assembly and operation (S)  
  SE-P-86995 MDoc2Site in Service Guide  
  SG-2106 Viva Engage (basic)- E-learning --
  SG-2270 SmartSite Reporting Training for Subcontractors --
  SG-2271 SAP - Field Service Management --
  SG-2980 Group Account user training - GDPR --
  TEST-N01D Hidden Tes --